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Residential & Office
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Getting better, cleaner water is safer,
easier and more convenient then ever with
in-home or virtual appointments with your
local jet water expert.

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Free I year


Drinking Water Filter Systems

Drinking Water Filter Systems

Water Treatment

Drinking Water Filter

pure and healthy water for you and your family.

With Ecosoft Filters, you and your family will have an unlimited and safe access to drinking water from inside Kitchen Our Filter selection will meet your water needs and match your interior design.

Three-stage Filtration

Reverse Osmosis

Five-Stage Filtration

Replacement Filters

Whole House Water Filtration

Perfectly clean water for cooking bathing and washing up.

The filter are installed at the entrance to your house or apartment.

House With 4+ bathrooms

Large House

House With1-3 bathrooms


Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment systems

Jet brings together innovative products
and customised solutions to provide the best
possible water for your business

How dangerous is a bad quality system?

Water ‘Purified’by fake system damages your electric appliances,
increase electricity consumption and can be dangerous for your health

Breakdown of expensive home appliances

Washing and dishwashing machines boilers,and heaters.

Streaks,stains and deposits

Red and /or white deposits on the surfaces of sinks,
bathtubs and is hard to remove

Huge Electricity and gas bills

Scale reduces the capacity of heating elements.

Dry and brittle hair

Hard water makes hair dry and brittle, and skin becomes irritable.

Clothes wear out faster

The fibres of fabrics become more fragile in hard water

Excessive cosumption of detergents

The performance of detergents drops significantly in hard water.

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